Art With a Cause

“These paintings come from a deep place in my heart, inspired by years of military service, the relationships of those that I’ve lost, as well as the family ties of love and support through the last two decades,” says local artist Kory Noble when asked about his inspiration.

Kory lives and creates in Renton, WA and has a clear passion for inspiring compassion and hope through his artwork. He hopes his work can create a bridge between those who have little and those who have much, in order to get the entire community involved in creating social change.

“People want to help,” Kory states, “but we’ve had a chisel driven between our capacity to love unconditionally and the needs of our daily lives.” He believes fear of the unknown is that chisel that separates our compassion from our actions. Kory’s hope is that his pieces, which create a space in time that may or may not exist, allow people to embrace that unknown element that they fear, breaking down that wall and allowing their compassion to flow forth.

The Masoud brothers, who have supported SCF in the past through their fundraising efforts, have been friends with Kory for a long time, and he was fortunate enough to be at their joint birthday bash this year that doubled as a fundraiser for Safe Crossings Foundation.

“Their friendship and dedication to the people they love shines through them, and contributing to a cause that they believe in is the least I could do. It starts with an act of kindness. One act, that’s all it takes…but I know this, and I practice it daily… but if I can get other people to treat others with kindness, now that is a true gift I’d love to see!”

Kory was inspired to offer 25% of his proceeds from selling his artwork to Safe Crossings Foundation. We’re so thankful for his generosity and commitment to compassion!