5 Ways to Ease the Moving Process for your Children

In this day and age there are many reasons causing families to move across town, across the country, or even across the globe. With all the stress of changing one’s home, moving isn’t easy on anyone but can be especially hard on children.  For teens this can threaten the self-identity they have been building, break… Read more »

“This American Life” on Grief Services

This is a fantastic article discussing the difficulty of talking to kids about death. The story focuses on The Sharing Place, a grief support center for kids in Salt Lake City. But places like the Sharing Place are all over the country, such as the Healing Center here in Seattle. Organizations like the Sharing Place offer a safe… Read more »

Camp Erin – A place for kids to just be kids

The simple experience of being with other kids who have lost a loved one can be a life changing experience for grieving children. They realize that they are not alone in their grief and through forming friendships and sharing their experiences with each other, they often learn to open up in completely new ways. Camp… Read more »