Teens Helping Teens Move Through Grief

Camp Erin-King County hosts a weekend session each summer that is just for teenagers.

On the last night of camp, teens participate in a special grief activity with each other around the pool. All campers gather on blankets with luminaries they’ve each made by hand that picture their relationship with their lost loved ones. These beautiful, decorated paper boxes are lit with candles and sent into the pool to float amongst each other while the campers watch in peace and reflect on loving memories, as well as their shared grief journeys.

This tradition is the pinnacle of camp, and there is an abiding sense of calm as the teens enter this respectful space. As each person places their luminary on the water, the support from those around them is palpable. One Big Buddy (or adult volunteer) noted,

“As I was watching these courageous young people, I overheard two of them whispering. A 13-year-old girl said, ‘This takes a long time’, to which a 13-year-old boy reassured her saying, ‘It’s worth it’.”

Over 50 teens and 60 children got to experience the magic of Camp Erin-King County this past summer. Thanks to the generosity and kindness of our donors, they were able to experience this life-changing weekend at no cost to their families.

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