Your Gifts Helped the Isaac Family

Years of on and off cancer eventually ended with a terminal diagnosis.

In 1997, at the age of 26, Joshua Isaac found a small bump on his hand; his and his family’s cancer journey began. Joshua married her childhood sweetheart, Kim, the same year he was diagnosed with this rare sarcoma. After treatment and with the cancer in remission, Kim and Joshua built a family; they welcomed son Jacob in 2000 and then Sam in 2003. However, in 2003 they were hit with bad news; the sarcoma’s returned. Joshua endured chemotherapy, radiation and ultimately the amputation of his hand, allowing him 20 months of cancer-free living, during which time Sophie was born. Sophie was only five months old when the Isaac family learned that the cancer had returned for a third time and it had spread to Josh’s lungs. This time the diagnosis was terminal.

Safe Crossings supported them in their home and enabled the three kids to release emotions.

Kim searched and searched. But she could find nothing until she found Safe Crossings. It’s the only organization we know of that deals with anticipatory grief. A wonderful social worker met with Jacob and Sam regularly to help them recognize their emotions… It’s good to know the kids have someone they can speak to who they trust.”

Initially, it was difficult for Kim to find the services she needed for her children as they faced this anxiety-ridden situation. It was through a friend she learned of the Safe Crossings Program and its unique anticipatory-grief services. The fact that this service included coming to the family’s home made it so beneficial to meeting Kim and Josh’s young family’s need. The Isaacs contacted Safe Crossings who initiated visits with therapists Stacy and Lulu.  They met regularly with the Isaacs, playing with Jacob, Sam, and Sophie and providing them a safe venue in which to release their emotions. The therapists also initiated important memorializing projects, making hand prints with Josh and the kids while he was in hospice care. When Josh died in 2010, just two days after his 38th birthday, Kim turned immediately to Safe Crossings for guidance on how to help her children through one of the toughest times of their lives.

All of the children were able to move forward through attendance at Camp Erin.

All of Kim and Josh’s children have attended Camp Erin this and were impacted positively by seeing other children who could relate to their on-going grief. This opportunity helped the children move forward immensely. Your generous donations provide major funding for Safe Crossings services and Camp Erin, always provided free of charge.

My children have lost the only dad they’ll ever know. Safe Crossings has given them a tool box for dealing with their grief.”