Camp Erin: A Camp to Help Kids Through Grief

Of the many programs that the Safe Crossings Foundation helps fund and support, one of our most celebrated is Camp Erin-King County. This is an overnight weekend camp for children and teens in which they get the opportunity to feel supported as well as open about their own grief and internal struggles.

With the staff of Providence Hospice as well as trained volunteers, the children ages 6-18 spend two nights in a camp near Carnation, Washington. There are the normal camp fire, nature walks and group activities of any typical camp but there are also particular activities designed for each age group and events geared toward support through the grief process for each individual. Providence Hospice and the Safe Crossings Program staff work hard to create an environment that has all the wonderful qualities of a classic summer camp experience while also offering the support so many children and teens may need. Safe Crossings Foundation is proud to provide the funding for such a fun and supportive place for children to come to, free of charge.

Although Safe Crossings Foundation helps fund the King County Camp Erin, the Moyer Foundation has started Camp Erins all over the country. Find a Camp Erin near you by clicking here.

For more information on Camp Erin-King County, click here.

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