Donor Profile: Nathan Hoerschelmann

Meet Nathan! He’s is one of Safe Crossings Foundation’s most dedicated supporters. As a Camp Erin Big Buddy and Luncheon Table Captain, Nathan spreads love and awareness for kids who are grieving and in need of support.

The first and foremost reason I give to Safe Crossings Foundation is because the work they do is near and dear to me. It is very personal. One can talk about all kinds of differences between people, but death and grief are a universal part of life that touch anybody and everybody. Grief does not care about your race, politics, religion, gender or socio-economic level.

I lost my parents at a very young age, 32 years ago. I remember the incredible loneliness and confusion. I had many people in my life who wanted to support and care for me, but I wish there had been a professional around who could have told me I would be all right.

In hindsight, I now realize the path I was on as a kid trying to make sense of my loss. I can’t go back and heal that 11 year-old, and I never want to quit supporting kids who need help now.

As a “Big Buddy” at Camp Erin, I have been able to connect with kids, but I realized I could build awareness among adults as well. As a result, I became a table captain for two tables at the SCF Luncheon last year, which created a safe space for people to talk about death and to be involved and offer support.

Thank you, Nathan, for your heartfelt commitment to grieving children!