Art with Heart

Art with Heart is dedicated to helping children and teens overcome trauma through creative expression. They design healing, therapeutic books, programs, and trainings to help kids that are struggling. Art with Heart’s evidence-based methods allow kids to express their pain and their power, helping them move beyond hardship and uncertainty to a lifetime of confidence and courage.

Safe Crossings Foundation has funded multiple projects for Art with Heart, including:

Draw it Out

Art with Heart’s newest interactive, therapeutic activity book supports children who are affected by overwhelming feelings of grief or loss due to the death of a loved one or of a classmate, broken family situations, or serious illness. Draw it Out (ages 6+) was developed under the guidance of 27 experts in the fields of bereavement counseling, social work, grief camps, Child Life, and art therapy. It is filled with age-appropriate, research-based prompts that serve as an outlet for inner pain and a springboard to healing conversations.

Leader’s Companion for Draw it Out

A companion piece for Draw it Out that parents or teachers can use to guide children through use of the art therapy book without the help of a trained counselor.

Trauma Response Trainings

A counselor from Art With Heart conducts trauma response trainings in schools so that teachers and staff will be prepared to handle a tragic event that effects their students. They make an effort to reach schools in outlying areas so that kids that normally don’t have access to counselors can receive help.

For more information, please call Art With Heart at 206.362.4047.