SCF at Work: The Sayyid Family

Here at the Safe Crossings Foundation we provide the funding to ensure that children who have lost a loved one find a safe place to feel supported, accepted and understood through Safe Crossings Programs. We understand that grief, while it may be an incredibly common emotion, is not always the easiest to deal with. The programs we fund lend a guiding hand to children who are experiencing grief in the greater Puget Sound area.

Take the Sayyid family, for example. With five teenage boys, Mr. Sayyid who had worked tirelessly and undergone serious hardship in order to move his family from Somalia where they were originally from to Seattle, fell ill after a very short time of living here. During his illness in which his health was deteriorating, Providence Hospice Service referred Mr. Sayyid and his family of five teenage boys to the Safe Crossings Program and the coordinators instantly stepped in to offer support for Mr. Sayyid and his children. Because Mr. Sayyid’s main concern for his boys was education, the Safe Crossings Program reached out to their teachers, having in-service discussions. The Safe Crossings Program also conducted a 6-week support group at the boys’ middle school, not just for the Sayyids, but for other students their age also coping with grief.

Soon, the boys felt substantially more comfortable in their school environments because they were able to communicate much easier with their peers and teachers and two of the boys joined their school’s wrestling team. Because of the work the Safe Crossings Program did with the Sayyid family “The parents have described feeling a great sense of relief knowing they are more supported and this worry, although continuing, is much decreased.”

The Sayyids are just one story of a family struggling to overcome the hardships that are associated not only with grief, but with life. And the Safe Crossings Foundation works to provide the financial support to continue to better the Safe Crossings Programs which offers the guidance and support that many children need to heal as they cope with their grief and to live their own lives with joy.

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