Depression and Complicated Grief are Two Separate Things

What we often hear about people we know who have lost a loved one, is that through their grief they have fallen into a deep onset of depression. But what specialists are saying now, is that Complicated Grief is its own disorder, separate from depression and therefore needs its own treatment.

One of the primary differences between depression and complicated grief, researcher Dr. M. Katherine Shear says, is that depression involves the absolute lack of ability to produce positive emotion, while grieving someone often involves the positive emotion one felt for that person. Shear, who is a professor of psychiatry at Columbia University School of Social Work, has developed new strategies to help people battling complicated grief which she has conducted in her own studies. So far, people treated with therapy specifically targeted to their grief condition faired better than those who were treated with depression-based therapy.

This type of research may become a milestone in the realm of grief-related mental disorders and could be a huge step in the therapy practices worldwide.

You can read the summarized article written by Steven Reinberg Here.

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