This summer CampSEATTLE Camp Erin Erin King County hosted two totally full camps! Sixty kids and sixty teens received the gift of support and fun with other youth who’ve experienced similar loss.

Your donation dollars did that.

Camp Erin staff and volunteers shepherd kids through grief support activities to honor and help process their loss. They also emphasize how important it is for the kids to let loose in a safe environment. Plenty of of activities are offered to encourage this at camp: archery, rock climbing and rope courses are just a few!

One camper expressed what Camp Erin meant to her saying,

“It helped me in many different ways. It helped me connect with other people who have the same feelings as I do, and it helped me to express my feelings.”

It’s amazing the healing that can come from this important program. Through your generous donations, you’ve helped make some very happy campers this year!

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