Drive across the 520 floating bridge any evening and you will be welcomed by four LED light towers, called the sentinels. These towers illuminate the east and west ends of what is considered the world’s longest floating bridge. Any frequent bridge traveler will notice that the sentinels occasionally shine different colors, but they may not know that the colors commemorate significant causes and events. This was true on November 15, 2018. Governor Jay Inslee officially declared that day Children’s Grief Awareness Day in the state of Washington and the four sentinel towers were changed to Safe Crossings Foundation blue. The sentinels brightened the path and sent a message of hope and support to the children in our community who are grieving and have their own bridges to cross toward healing. As the lights were sending a beacon on November 15, social media also lit up with messages of hope and comfort with the hashtags #CGADHope and #childrengrieve. Fran’s chocolate shops across the city added a sweet touch to the day, selling special boxes of chocolates in which 25% of the proceeds were donated to Safe Crossings Foundation. SCF board members hosted this fundraiser, with a reminder to guests that these special chocolates can be ordered year-round on Fran’s website and are a great way to simultaneously give and gift. Below are pictures of our wonderful volunteers who were at the Fran’s stores to answer questions about Children’s Grief Awareness Day and Safe Crossings Foundation.  Thank you Rachel, Nathan, Ami, John and Nate!
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