Six years ago, when Julie and Bryan Roos’ son Jackson died unexpectedly, their world was shattered. As they gathered their three younger children close, Julie and Bryan wondered how they could ever hold their family together when their own hearts were so broken. The Safe Crossings Program entered their lives, gently—first through a parent night hosted at their son’s middle school, and then through a friend whose family was being supported by Safe Crossings.

Julie met therapist Jill, and every week for a year Jill came to the Roos home and created a safe space for the three young children to process their grief. Jill helped the children honor Jackson by putting together books about him,  playing, creating and talking. The following summer the children attended Camp Erin-King County, a weekend grief camp that provides the usual camp activities as well as opportunities for healing and companionship. Julie recalls how her children loved their time at Camp Erin and created lasting memories.

Reflecting back on how the Safe Crossings Program stepped right in and guided her family through that difficult first year, Julie says: “What I think is so fantastic about it, is that you go through such a tragedy, and as parents we were so concerned about our children and how we were going to go on. And, the fact that there were services available to help our children was so heartwarming. I was just stunned at the love and support that this organization could offer to my heartbroken children. It’s such a blessing that we needed at that time.”

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