Grief in the Time of Facebook

imgresLove it or hate it, social media is becoming an increasingly large part of our lives. It is a new medium through which we can express ourselves, interact with one another, and even grieve. Feelings of grief are often too painful or personal to discuss in person, and sites like Facebook provide a platform to express these feelings and also receive support from your community all from the comfort of your own home. Grief can be isolating, but reaching out for help is often a daunting task. Social media provides a unique way to reach out and be heard, understood, and supported by others.

 Here’s an excerpt from the Huffington Post article that explores the issue in depth:

“Those of us on social media are storytellers. We tell our stories because we must — and there are myriad of reasons that compel that impulse. Confronting grief, whether our own or the grief of others is part of the human storyline. Doing so in a public way can only open up new spaces for us to exist in times of darkness and in times of light, as well as in the murky twilight of ordinary instants.”

This is a great read and well recommended.

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