The Beautiful Way One Mom Discusses Death & Grief With Her Sons

Blogger Mary Tyler Mom wrote a great column about grief for ChicagoNow, an online blog forum. After having her oldest daughter die from cancer, talk of death became commonplace in her family’s home. Now, as a member of her extended family has passed away and her children are a bit older, she discusses how to teach her sons about grief.

Below is an excerpt from the blog and the link to the full story:

We believe strongly that the lessons we teach our sons about death and grieving as children will shape their experience with these two inevitabilities of life as they grown older. There is no protecting our boys from the reality of death. That is simply not an option for our family. Instead, we embrace these things as opportunities to feel, to express, to support. My goal is to do as I want my sons to learn. Pay my respects, give hugs and support to the grieving, and honor a full life well lived.  I see doing that with my children as an opportunity to teach and learn how death and grief and practicing empathy are part of life.”

Read the rest here.

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