Death Happens to Everyone

”Death happens to everyone. It will be a hard and difficult time. But there are people there to help you, because they care. Please keep supporting Safe Crossings – it helps everyone.” ~ Riley Frisk, former Camp Erin camper

riley friskYes, death happens to everyone and the younger you are the less it makes sense. No matter what the budget, a gift to Safe Crossings Foundation can help kids right here in our region. We call them outcomes, but they are really mini miracles for the kids they help.

• $5,000 sponsors an eight-week school-based grief support group
• $1,000 supports a six-week long support group for 10 families
• $750 sponsors a Camp Erin “camper-ship” for one child
• $500 covers the cost of 4 counselors’ visits to the home of a grieving child
• $150 sponsors one grieving child to attend summer day-camp in 2015

Please consider a gift to Safe Crossings Foundation today. You’ll be making a very real and measurable impact on the lives of the kids we serve. Thank you!

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