Parenting Through Grief: The Attunetion Approach

blogpicBeing a mom or dad is hard enough. Parenting through grief? Well, that can be utterly overwhelming. It is uncharted waters for most parents who often find themselves wishing someone would just write a guidebook with all the answers. Luckily Jade Richardson Bock and Dr. Craig Pierce did just that. In their new book called Parenting through Grief: The Attunetion Approach, Bock and Pierce give parents the advice and tools they need to help their grieving children.

So maybe it doesn’t have all the answers, but it comes pretty close. The two authors have years of clinical experience working with grieving families and have also both experienced loss as young children. Their ability to draw from professional and personal experience makes them the perfect authors on the subject.

If you or someone you know needs help, please check out their book.  It can be purchased here for $12.95.

“Parenting Through Grief is everything you would want it to be: clear, honest, wise, filled with helpful illustrations, and most of all hope. This is a wonderfully written guide by one who knows the way. Every school, church, family should have a copy.”

– Paula D’Arcy, Author of Gift of the Red Bird and When People Grieve

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