“This American Life” on Grief Services

This is a fantastic article discussing the difficulty of talking to kids about death. The story focuses on The Sharing Place, a grief support center for kids in Salt Lake City. But places like the Sharing Place are all over the country, such as the Healing Center here in Seattle. Organizations like the Sharing Place offer a safe space for kids to meet one another, discuss their loss and heal through community and friendship.

The article touches on talking frankly about hard topics to children. We can’t talk in riddles or euphemisms if we want young children to understand what we mean. Concrete language is one of the most useful tools we have when discussing hard topics, “People don’t pass away, you don’t lose them, they die.”


Spaces like the Sharing Place are so helpful in helping youth process their grief. If you know a child going through a loss we suggest searching your community for a place such as the Sharing Place. If you are in the Seattle area, visit our website for local groups and places that can help.

I want to say thank you to NPR and This American Life for bringing such a difficult topic to the public’s view.

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