• Life after losing a loved one to suicide

    Mother and daughter discuss the loss of a son and brother to suicide, the unique grief that follows, and what has helped them on their paths toward healing.

  • Grantmaking Initiative

    Grant recipients The Healing Center and Forefront are blazing trails in the grief healing community, and SCF is so proud to be a part of their work.

  • Families rediscovering their joy with SCF

    See your donation dollars at work through the stories of two families sharing their journeys of love and loss in this video by White Noise Productions.

  • A Story of Hope

    Meet Kevin, a symbol of hope and healing through grief after losing his mother when he was a teenager.

Our Mission

Safe Crossings Foundation heals the hearts of children who have lost a parent or sibling, like those in this video. Watch to learn how programs we have funded have helped.

The circle is stronger

Mattie Bess is not new to grief. She has been embracing it since her father passed away in 2005 when she was just 13 years old.