Caitlin’s Story

As this year comes to a close, I want to share a powerful story with you. A story of a brave young woman who, through grief counseling and camp adventures, learned how to cope with her grief. December 14th, 2017 started as just a normal day for Caitlin. She got up, went to school, and… Read more »

The Power of Grief Support Animals

I remember when my own therapy-dog-in-training, Rosie, seemed to know instinctively what to do when at the bedside of my dying landlord. Even though she had yet to begin her training, a puppy of 6 months, she tenderly placed her chin on my landlord’s feet providing a soothing presence. Upon his death, she moved from… Read more »

Leaving a Legacy

Caroline Wright, the author of this children’s book and a mother of two little boys, was diagnosed with the most aggressive brain cancer, a glioblastoma, and given a year to live. During that year, Caroline spent all her time working on her legacy, focusing on writing stories to leave for her two boys. Everlasting Creature… Read more »

A Mixing Bowl of Grief

For the past 30 years, supporters like you have helped Safe Crossings Foundation provide kids with opportunities to express their grief in safe and constructive environments. Grief support opportunities funded by SCF provide kids with skills and experiences that encourage them to realize their loss does not define them. It brings them together to recognize… Read more »

Healing Broken Hearts

Six years ago, when Julie and Bryan Roos’ son Jackson died unexpectedly, their world was shattered. As they gathered their three younger children close, Julie and Bryan wondered how they could ever hold their family together when their own hearts were so broken. The Safe Crossings Program entered their lives, gently—first through a parent night… Read more »

Time will tell – A Story from Camp Erin-King County 2018

Hi! My name is Marci Servizi. I’m the Development Director at Safe Crossings Foundation. Every summer, I make time to volunteer at Camp Erin-King CountyTM with teens who are going through grief. Camp is such a special place because it gives kids and teens a rare opportunity to be with other grieving kids in a… Read more »

SCF Benefits from Legacy of Charity

Written by James Miller from McKinstry. It began as a gathering of friends. Eight recent college grads, looking for something to do on the morning of July 4th, 1998. So we went golfing and, of course, placed a wager for lunch afterward. A tournament was born.  Looking back 20 years now, our annual gathering has… Read more »

Inspiring Resilience

Annual luncheon video highlights healing processes of two families supported by SCF-funded programs Two sets of twins share their stories of losing a parent and the support people and programs that helped them down the path toward healing. The families featured in this video from our latest luncheon perfectly embody the spirit of resilience that SCF… Read more »

Grief Services Changing Lives

The athlete. The class president. The math whiz. The kid whose mom died. Jennifer Cruz was that kid. “I was 12 when my mom died in May of 2007; I stayed home for a week. Then I went back to seventh grade and no services were ever offered,” Jen recalls. “I was from a tiny… Read more »

Teens Helping Teens Move Through Grief

Camp Erin-King County hosts a weekend session each summer that is just for teenagers. On the last night of camp, teens participate in a special grief activity with each other around the pool. All campers gather on blankets with luminaries they’ve each made by hand that picture their relationship with their lost loved ones. These… Read more »